Saturday, December 25, 2010

yOur Adoption Story

This time of year means so much more than just Santa Claus and watching Elf.For our family this time of the year represents what we have in common with our daughter. For we have something in common that runs much deeper than blood. We have something in common that changes everything and it all started thousands of years ago in a far off place in the most insane circumstances.

On Christmas we celebrate adoption! The adoption of our family and your family and everyone you know by a God that desired to see his creation restored.I know why it has turned into a marketers dream the story of the nativity is hard to take. A virgin birth, the king of the world entering the world as a baby! It makes not one bit of sense, at the same time it makes total sense. This is the story of adoption it is upside down it is counter culture it is the opposite of this world. Which is how God operates.It is the first is last, it is love your enemy, it is putting others first.

The story of Christmas is a story of our family, it is the story of your family. It should be a chance to stop and stand in awe of a God so humble and so in love with His people that he sent heaven crashing into Earth. It is the story of our adoption by a God so in love with his people (us) that he send Jesus his only Son to set things right.

We cannot help but think without the Love that Jesus taught us Mikah might not be a part of our family. The love of Christ prompted a couple in Eugene Oregon years ago to plead with Congress to allow international adoption. The Love of Christ empowers nannies and social workers in remote villages to sacrifice everything for the chance to care for an Orphan. It is this Love that take comfortable middle class families and wrecks them for the least of these. This Compassion show to us in the filthy cow trough in Bethlehem thousands of years ago shapes the very fabric of who we are. For this is our Christmas story and what we celebrate on this special day.


Cameron and Megan said...

Merry Christmas!

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AMEN!! So well said....

Merry Christmas!