Thursday, November 11, 2010

Starting Points

We have known so much joy since Mikah has come into our lives. We are still amazed that every family we talk to that has adopted from Ethiopia has a unique and amazing story. Children from far off places in worlds we will never know brought into our lives. Each child has a story of rescue of redemption of what the world looks like when things are simply broken down to two essential things. Love and Hope.

Our adoption story begins again. We have just finished our initial paperwork to begin the amazing journey to provide a family for a child who simple needs those two essential things Love and Hope. This is our families story a story of becoming a family knit together, a blend of 4 families. A story of being a part of a plan, a plan that we know little about. A plan so much greater than we can ever imagine and one that we would surely mess up if we knew the full details. 

We have learned a lot from Mikah and from Mikah's birth family. It has made us the people we are now and it continues to shape our character. For this love is not a love that you and I will only see on our brightest of days. For this hope is the hope we will only see when we look up to the stars at night knowing that it is a reality there is something greater than us looking back.

Bringing Home Baby Byrd second edition starts here. We hope you will join us once again on this journey, in praying, hoping, and waiting.


Cameron and Megan said...

WOOHOO!!!!! So excited to follow your journey again!

Julie said...

Wow your story is just so beautiful and I'm so happy for you and your family were blessed with Mikah. My prayers are with you Megan and your family on your journey for baby #2. I am sure he/she will be blessed as Mikah is and you will be blessed with another wonderful beautiful baby...Julie Trager

Lisa said...


jkseevers said...

Yeah, Magan! So excited for you :) I'll be sure to follow along as our own journey leads us to Ethiopia... hopefully very soon!

Amy said...

This is wonderful news!! Will be following .. and hope to see you and Mikah again in person,soon. Things here are settling down a little bit ... AmyE

Anonymous said...

We are delighted that you are sharing your journey with us!